The Kaeshir Twitter trended #KaeshirSchoolThings and we picked some of the tweets which will make you cherish your school days

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  • | 2018-12-04 11:03:58

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The Kaesher Twitter was trending #KaeshirSchoolThings and made us delve into the nostalgia full with school memories. We picked up some of the tweets that will make you cherish the fond memories of school with smile on a face and some invisible guy would be cutting onions besides you.

As always, the school started with this.

That never ending wish.

The meth of kids back then.

Everyone has done this experiment. ;)

That Zaalim teacher.

Who used to do this?

The ink pens were also weapons of Mass Destruction

Sharing level: Infinity.

That sly kid.

Black magicians in the class.


The art of conning was learned in the school itself.

Famous dialogue across schools.

Jahanamm is waiting, my friend ;)

Apparently each class was the worst and a fish market.