10 couplets of Jaun Elia that will blow your mind.

Known for his unconventional poetry, Jaun Elia is regarded as one of the most prominent poets in the modern era. His unique style of poetry revloved around power of love and destruction. He would turn the mushairas into magical events, dazzling the crowd and throwing them into frenzy.

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Jaun Elia was born on 14 December 1931 in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, India. He was the youngest of his siblings. His father, Shafiq Hasan Elia, worked in art and literature. He migrated to Pakistan in 1957, and decided to live in Karachi

The literary environment modelled him along the same lines and he wrote his first Urdu couplet when he was just 8. He studied Arabic and Persian at a local madrasa in Amroha and also acquired great proficiency in English and small knowledge of Hebrew. Eliya was a prolific writer, but could not be convinced to publish his work. His first poetry collection "Shayad" was published when he was 60. The second collection of his poetry "Yaanii" was published posthumously in 2003 and third titled "Gumaan" in 2004. Jaun was also involved in translation, editing and other activities. He edited Urdu literature magazine "Insha" where he met another Urdu writer Zahida Hina and finally married her. Jaun and Zahida were divorced in mid-1980s. This left Jaun devastated and alone. He passed on November 8, 2002.


Here are 10 couplets of Jaun Elia that will blow your mind.

Kaun is ghar ki dekhbaal kare Roz ek cheez toot jaati hai.

Us ne goya mujh hi ko yaad rakha Mei bhi goya usi ko bhool gaya.

Itna to janta hoon ki ab teri aarzoo Bekaar ker raha hoon agar kar raha hoon mei.

Kitne aish se rahte honge kitne itrate honge Jaane kaise log wo hogay jo us ko bhaate hogay

Aaj bahut din baad main apne kamre tak aa nikla tha Ju hi darvaza khola hai us ki khushboo aai hai

Jo guzari na ja saki ham se Hum ne vo zindagi guzari hai

Yaadon ka hisaab rakh raha hoon Seenay main azaab rakh raha hoon. Tum kuch kahe jaao kya kahoon main Bas dil main jawaab rakh raha hoon.

Ab meri koi zindagi hi nahin Ab bhi tum meri zindagi ho kya?

Ye mujhe chain kyu nahi padta Ek hi shakhs tha jahan mei kya.

Bahut nazdeek aati ja rahi ho Bichadne ka irada kar liya kya

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